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Harmony: One Atari 2600 Cartridge to Rule Them All

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Written by Conner Flynn | November 30, 2015

I love the art on old Atari 2600 cartridges and their boxes. However, if you want to play and collect all of the vintage console’s games, but don’t want to have to devote an entire room in your house to their storage, there is a solution.

These days, it’s easy enough to collect a ton of vintage games thanks to emulators. You can have thousands of games on your hard drive instead of storing physical copies of cartridges or discs, which take up a lot of physical space. But what if you still want to use of the actual console while playing these old games?

That’s where the Harmony Cartridge comes into play. It is essentially an memory card adapter for the Atari 2600 that lets you play every game in your library using just one cartridge. So now you can use the console and play all of the games with no mess. Simply download all the old ROMs, load them onto a memory card and plug the cartridge into your old Atari 2600.

The Harmony Cartridge is available in both microSD and SD card versions at AtariAge, and sells for $60 to $80(USD). The Standard and Deluxe versions support 98% of games, but there are a couple of titles and newer homebrew games that require more memory. For 100% compatibility, the $85 Harmony Encore is the one you should buy.

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