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Human Heart Cake is Great for Valentines Day or The Walking Dead Parties

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Written by Shane McGlaun | February 9, 2016

So this weekend is Valentine’s Day, or more importantly the return of The Walking Dead. I’m still holding out hope Carl and that annoyingly whiny new kid Sam are eaten on the way out of the house. But I digress. This cake is perfect for both big events this weekend.


It’s sort of gross, sort of tasty looking, and you might be able to spin it that you are giving your heart to your significant other. Nah, it’s really gross and looks like something a zombie would eat. It also looks extremely difficult to make.


The anatomically correct cake is made from two carved deep red velvet cakes, soaked with simple syrup, with a burgundy chocolate ganache filling, and buttercream frosting. The shiny goo on the outside comes from a mix of red food color mixed with raspberry jam, layered over fondant icing. Check out the video and be simultaneously hungry and a bit grossed out.

[via Geyser of Awesome]