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Hoverboard Sitting Attachment Creates a Hover Kart

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Written by Conner Flynn | April 19, 2016

You know those newfangled hoverboards that are prone to explode and are really not that great anyway? Looks like people are just getting started making stupid accessories for them. Take, for example this hoverboard sitting attachment that lets you ride across the beach sitting on your lawn chair throne like redneck royalty.


As they show on their webpage this amazing invention is versatile since you can attach a cooler and sit on it, clip an umbrella on the back of your chair, pull heavy bags or boxes and do other dumbass things on your dumbass moving lawn chair that goes about 2 mph.

It’s basically a frame that attaches to your so-called hoverboard. It will only cost you $69 (USD) but it is sold out sadly. Too bad. The elderly will just have to wait to play slow motion Mario Kart on their low-budget electric wheelchairs.

[via boatstogo]