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Fan Made Bioshock Rapture Records Bin: Ryan’s Songbin

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Written by Lambert Varias | May 6, 2016

Redditor UpgradeTech has a growing collection of video game vinyl records, and is a fan of Art Deco style. So they thought they’d store their collection in an appropriate container: the bin from Bioshock‘s Rapture Records. But UpgradeTech didn’t just make the bin based on screenshots. They went to great and sometimes morbid lengths to come up with a faithful replica.


UpgradeTech extracted the virtual bin’s model from the game to get a better idea of its construction. But they still needed a way to figure out its dimensions, so UpgradeTech “dragged over a corpse for scale. It comes to about chest-high.” That’s cold.


UpgradeTech copied the model in Autodesk Inventor to make it easier to figure out the parts that they needed. Check out the rest of the build log in the gallery below. Towards the end of the gallery you’ll see UpgradeTech’s video game records, which include vinyls from all three Bioshock games as well as ones from Fallout, Wolfenstein and XCOM.

A Rapture Records Bin for a Video Game Music Collection

I hope UpgradeTech builds the corpse for Halloween.

[via Reddit]