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Adult Baby Stroller: You’ll Have to Push the Pram a Lot

 |  |  May 24, 2016

I can distinctly remember taking my kids places when they were stroller size, and fighting with them to stay in the stroller. All kids want to do is escape that thing, and as I walked along in the Texas heat all I wished was that someone would push me around in a shaded comfy stroller. Stroller maker Kolcraft has made that dream possible by creating an adult-size baby stroller.


The company created the stroller to give adults a test ride to see how comfortable it is for kids. The jumbo stroller is based on the Contours Bliss stroller that lots of moms and dads have to cart their littles around in.The massive rig is 7′ 6″ tall, 6′ deep, and 4′ wide, and appears to ride on motorcycle tires in back. It looks utterly ridiculous as an adult size product and I’d rather like one for myself.


I’d hate to have to load this thing into my trunk though. Better yet, put a motor on this bad boy, and you won’t need a trunk or a car to get around.

[via Huffington Post]