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DonkiBot Auto-follow Trolley Robot: BigDonk

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Written by Lambert Varias | May 29, 2016

A few years ago we saw a concept for a suitcase that would automatically follow its owner using Bluetooth sensors and a mobile device. Omorobot had the same idea for its DonkiBot, but with a different and rather quirky execution.


The robot supposedly uses a LIDAR sensor to follow its master. However, before it starts moving you need to pull on its remote control, which is tethered to the robot. You’ll need to keep the remote control tethered to the robot while it’s following you, but the robot should keep doing all the work so you shouldn’t need to pull on it.


Here’s where it gets even quirkier. You can detach the remote control from the cord, but doing so will activate DonkiBot’s manual mode, where you use the buttons on the remote to move the robot. That sounds a bit annoying.




DonkiBot would be much better if it had an automatic and truly handsfree mode. But if you think it’s going to work for you as it is, pledge at least $698 (USD) on Kickstarter to receive the robot as a reward.

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