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DIY LEGO Lunchbox Kit: For Brick Building Emergencies

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Written by Conner Flynn | June 27, 2016

LEGO is an awesome way to build just about anything. It’s why we love these bricks so much. But even hardcore LEGO fans can sometimes find themselves without their bricks. Well, that won’t happen with this DIY LEGO Kit. Now you and your kids can always have LEGO blocks with you.

This portable LEGO kit is perfect for kids and adults. And it is easy to make. Just get a lunchbox, cut some LEGO baseplates, and felt to fit. A few dabs of hot glue later, and you’re ready to go. Just load it up with bricks, and bring the LEGO lunchbox with you on road trips, picnics or anywhere that has a LEGO void to fill.

You can find the instructions here. Go ahead and build one or three of these, because you should never be without LEGO.

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