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This Portable Grill is Simply Beautiful

 |  |  |  |  July 17, 2016

Most grills are just boxy or round things that you throw charcoal in or attach some propane to. Nothing fancy. They just do their job. They never really look beautiful. The Grillo from FormAxiom is the exception. This grill is lovely. It’s a portable grill that uses a chainmaille “fire hammock” to hold burning coal or wood.

It is an elegant grill for a more civilized age. It uses a flexible stainless-steel ring-mesh construction which is safe for any kind of solid fuel. This breathable texture allows the fire to be ignited from underneath and can achieve a strong heat in a short amount of time, while the surrounding tripod structure stays cool to touch. Those are great features along with it’s looks.

It is also easier to carry and store compared to other grills. Easier to clean too. Just hold the folded structure together, dip the cooking surface in water and scrub with a common cleaning brush. That’s it.

Sadly, it looks like you can’t buy one. The website is from 2014. They talk about seeing their prototypes at some exhibition in Italy. But aside from that, this beauty apparently can not be purchased. Too bad. It is so lovely, so I had to share it.

[via OhGizmo!]