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The Purrfect Pouch Is a Knapsack for Your Cat

 |  |  |  |  September 2, 2016

Cat lovers, how did you ever live without the Purrfect Pouch? Seriously, how did you ever manage to take your cat outdoors? You didn’t, and now you can’t live without this cat carrier/cat knapsack. Now you can take your cat anywhere and carry it on your shoulder like a purrse.

The Purrfect Pouch is specially designed to be easy to get your cat inside, and has a zip-up back side that makes it possible to simply slide the whole thing over your kitty’s head, as you hold him or her. Then just wrap it around kitty and zip him in before he has time to realize he’s in a carry bag. I’m sure it’s just as easy as it looks in the commercial…

Your cat will either love it or hate it. It’s $30(USD) for two of them.

[via Likecool via OhGizmo!]