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Simone Giertz’s Robot Applies 1000 Layers of Lipstick

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Written by Conner Flynn | October 7, 2016

Simone Giertz is at it again, not that she ever really stops making crappy robots that do crappy things. That’s what we like about her. This time she wanted to be part of YouTube’s 100-layer club, so she made a basic robot to automatically apply lipstick onto her face.


Unlike her original lipstick robot, this one is much simpler, and a bit more accurate. It applies the lipstick and also counts the layers being applied. She wasn’t going to settle for just 100 layers though. She set the bar high and decided to go for 1,000 layers of lipstick. I can’t imagine that would look bad or anything. Well, watch the clip and see for yourself.

By the end, she looks like a villain from a Batman movie, don’t you think?

[via Laughing Squid]