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D20 Storage Box Ups Your Storage Ability +10

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Written by Paul Strauss | November 11, 2016

Tabletop RPG fans will immediately recognize this as a 20-sided die. But you probably won’t actually be rolling this thing the next time you play some D&D. Instead, this D20 can be used to store all your little stuff. In fact, it’s perfect for storing your game-playing dice.


It was designed by the folks at 3DCreationsPR, and is 3D printed in one of a number of different PLA or ABS materials. They offer a bunch of different colors, including some cool ones like glow-in-the-dark, or translucent red. You can also choose from Arabic or Roman numerals. It’s also cool that the lid doesn’t just sit on top – it actually screws on and off.

There are three sizes – a “giant” 6.2″ tall version, a smaller 3.6″ tall version, and an even smaller version that holds up to 7 dice. Its creators do mention that the points can be very sharp, so you’ll want to be careful about letting kids play with them. You can grab a D20 Storage Box for yourself over at Etsy for $20 to $70 depending on size.