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Rocket-powered Fidget Spinner: Can’t Touch This


Written by Conner Flynn | May 31, 2017

Another fidget spinner. I promised myself I wouldn’t post another article about them. Because they suck. And I keep getting sucked back in because people are actually doing some interesting things with these idiotic toys. So the boss is like, write it, and I write it, but I am so done with these things. This time, we have a rocket-powered fidget spinner.

The Backyard Scientist took some model rocket engines, and attached them to a custom spinner, making it crazy fast and crazy dangerous.

This phenomenon can be over now. Right? Please stop it with the fidget spinners everyone. You can’t top a rocket-propelled, right? Unless you make a giant sized, multi-spinner with rockets, of course.

FYI fidgeters, stop fidgeting and learn some control, but if you really have to, real men use rocket powered fidget spinners in their hand. (No please don’t try that. But it’s true, so just stop it. You aren’t that manly.)