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Thrustmaster Gran Turismo Racing Wheel Puts You in the Cockpit for $800

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Written by Shane McGlaun | June 14, 2017

Thrustmaster has a new racing wheel that is coming to land along with the new Gran Turismo Sport racing game for the PS4. The Thrustmaster T-GT racing wheel is one of the most expensive gaming peripherals you can get your sweaty palms. This spendy wheel will cost $799.99(USD) and promises the best driving experience this side of actually driving a race car.

The price gets you a fancy leather-wrapped, force-feedback racing wheel with three pedals so you can row your own gears if you want, and an external power supply that looks like a turbocharger. The feedback system is supposed to accurately replicate everything from the feel of tire grip and road surface, to the movement of the suspension system.

The fancy racing wheel even has an integrated cooling system, rotary selector knobs, a D-pad, and face buttons for navigating menus. Paddle shifters are behind the wheel.

The only thing missing here is the shift lever itself. Why sell a setup with a clutch pedal if you don’t include a gear shifter? I’m guessing Thrustmaster expects you’ll drop the dough on one of their add-on stick shifters for about $175, that’s why.

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