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These Pizza Bags Are the Most Glorious of Food Holders

 |  |  |  |  |  June 21, 2017

Pizza is easily the best food in the world. It’s got all the major food groups on one easy to hold triangular slice. One of my favorite things is that cold pizza is almost as good the day after as the hot fresh pizza was the day before. The catch is for that cold pizza to be really good the next day is that you need to store it just right.

Simply cramming the box into the fridge doesn’t really do it because the slices get dried out. And you certainly don’t want to stack the slices together in foil or Saran Wrap, lest you get tomato sauce and cheese all over the slice above, making it all soggy and gross. Fortunately, ThinkGeek has you covered with Pizza Bags. These are basically triangular zipper seal bags that hide an individual slice away from the air.

They are sized to hold fairly large slices and you can get 24 of them for just $2.99(USD). Honestly, they should sell these by the caseload. If you are one of those anarchists who cut your pizza into squares, just get yourself some Ziploc bags and leave me alone.