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Watch a Camera Dissolve in Acetone Fumes

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Written by Conner Flynn | July 26, 2017

Tune in and watch this video from YouTube channel Amazing Timelapse and watch an old Konica camera as it dissolves from acetone fumes. What’s amazing is that it’s not even in the acid itself, it’s just above it. It just melts like butter. Butter that would dissolve you from the inside if you ate it.

The gradual, 25-hour process was digested down to just 3 minutes, thanks to the miracle of time-lapse photography. It is actually very relaxing to watch.

Those are some powerful fumes. That camera looks like that Nazi at the end of Raiders of the Lost Ark. I like to imagine that this is the camera he used to take a picture of the ark, and it melted with his face because God doesn’t want you to see inside the ark.

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