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LEGO Star Wars: The Last Jedi Sets Break Cover

 |  |  |  August 31, 2017

Just in time for Force Friday (didn’t we just have May the Fourth?), LEGO has revealed a new assortment of 11 kits for fans of the Star Wars universe. The kits are all based on Star Wars: The Last Jedi, and include some brand new vehicle variants and characters – though they’ve been careful not to offer up much in the way of plot spoilers at this point. Though the minifig of Supreme Leader Snoke included with the First Order Star Destroyer definitely looks healthier (and less intimidating) than he looked when we saw him in The Force Awakens.

The Episode VIII LEGO kits include Kylo Ren’s TIE Fighter (630 pcs., $79.99), a Resistance Bomber (780 pcs., $109.99), a First Order Heavy Scout Walker (554 pcs., $49.99), a jumbo BB-8 (1106 pcs., $99.99), a First Order Assault Walker (1376 pcs., $149.99), a Resistance Transport Pod (294 pcs., $29.99), and a First Order Star Destroyer (1416 pcs. $159.99).

In addition, we’re getting some sweet character models of an Elite TIE Fighter Pilot (94 pcs., $19.99), Rey (85 pcs., $24.99), an Elite Praetorian Guard (92 pcs., $24.99) – with a sweet dual-bladed, possibly dual-lightsabered weapon, and everyone’s favorite Wookiee, Chewbacca (179 pcs, $34.99) – complete with an awesome LEGO bandolier and bowcaster.

All of the kits will be available starting tomorrow, September 1st. Keep an eye out on the LEGO Shop’s Star Wars page.