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Wampa and Space Slug Snow Globes: From The Empire Strikes Back Souvenir Shop

 |  |  |  |  |  September 5, 2017

Despite numerous Star Wars films being released in the 3+ decades since its release, The Empire Strikes Back is still the best movie in the saga for many of us. Sure, The Force Awakens was very good, but it’s a tall hill to climb to best the 1980 classic.

In recognition of this fact, ThinkGeek has released a couple of fun Episode V collectible snow globes, and they’re both pretty awesome. First up is the Wampa Cave snow globe.

It recreates a the classic scene in an icy cave on Hoth, as Luke hangs upside-down by his boots, while he attempts to use the Force to pull his lightsaber from the snow. He eventually breaks free, and slices off the wampa’s arm, but in the snow globe version, he’s permanently stuck in the ceiling, and isn’t going anywhere. At least unless you crack it open with a hammer – which I don’t recommend.

The other scene isn’t quite as snow-appropriate, but nonetheless is just as awesome – as the Millennium Falcon breaks free from giant Exogorth Space Slug. This is no cave! But we’re still trapped in a giant snow globe!

Both Empire Strikes Back snow globes are available exclusively from ThinkGeek. The wampa cave is going for $39.99, while the space slug is just $19.99, but has a much smaller snow globe.