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Sharp’s Smart Litter Box Monitors Your Cat’s Health Through Its Bathroom Habits

 |  |  |  |  |  June 19, 2018

Changing a cat’s litter box is a nasty chore. You’re asking an animal to continually poop and pee in a box until it is so nasty that you have to change it. What’s wrong with us? That’s why some people teach their cats to use the toilet like a civilized being. Sharp’s Pet Care Monitor is a litter box that monitors your pet’s bathroom habits and sends the information to an artificial intelligence system via the internet.

The system then analyzes the data it collects to make sure your cat isn’t suffering from any detectable kidney or urinary tract issues etc. It will look at the cat’s weight, urine volume and frequency, and length of time spent on the toilet. The AI will then analyze that data like a vet and let you know if Fluffy has any problems.

If there is any abnormality found, like spending an unusually long time on the toilet or the quantity of urine is abnormally large or small, the owner will be alerted via an app on their smartphone. It can even be set to handle several different cats in your home by detecting a special collar each cat wears.

At this point the smart litter box is Japan-bound, where it will sell for ¥24,800 (~$226 USD), plus there’s a small fee of ¥324 (~$3 USD) per month for the Cocoro Pet remote monitoring app.

Great, so now you can be a hypochondriac about your cat’s health too.

[via Luxury Launches via Geekologie]