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Giant Crocheted Monopoly Board: Advance to Go, Collect 200 Naps

 |  |  |  |  January 2, 2019

Monopoly is one of the biggest board games in history – at least in terms of sales. Now it’s one of the biggest board games, literally. Check out this giant crocheted Monopoly board that Twitterer pilotviruet’s mother made for her for Christmas. That is one huge Monopoly board. You could use it as a blanket and people could still play on top of it while you sleep, probably hitting you in the face with the dice every turn.

Another bonus is that if you don’t like the way the game is going, instead of flipping the board, you can just pull it out from under the game pieces like a magician. It’s pretty cool, but I’m disappointed she didn’t crochet all of the game pieces and cards. I mean, you can’t just buy the game accessories for a board that size at the store. Thanks, mom, great board. We’ll just use the TV remote and a coffee mug for playing pieces, and take a marker to these greeting cards to recreate the Community Chest and Chance cards. I’ll go get the fuzzy dice from the car.

There’s nothing better than a game that can also be a blanket. You get to play your game then go take a nap under it. I hope they found some cool game pieces though. This is probably the only Monopoly board you can put in the washer.

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