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ShotsClub Glass Pistols Decanter Set: Bang, Bang, You’re Drunk!


Written by Conner Flynn | April 13, 2019

This decanter set gives a whole new meaning to having a shot. The ShotsClub drinkware set includes two glass pistol shaped decanters, eight shot glasses, a bottle pouring spout, a belt holster, and a padded metal briefcase that can hold both decanters and all shot glasses.

This is a set that 007 would use. He can take it with him on all of his missions and always have some booze for himself and the ladies. The set also includes a belt holster that lets you keep your glass sidearms and shot glasses ready for action.

I want to be the kind of cowboy that some dude calls you out at high noon and you show up not for a gunfight, but ready to pour some whiskey. I like that idea. If you’re gonna drink, you might as well do it in style.

[via The Awesomer via Geekologie]