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Spider-Man Dangling from a Street Lamp: Swingin’ in the Rain

 |  |  |  |  |  November 20, 2020

By hite

As far as novelty desk lamps go, this is one of the better ones I’ve seen. The officially licensed Marvel Spider Man Streetlight LED Desk Lamp stands approximately 16-inches tall and features Spider-Man dangling from a miniature street light, which doubles as a desk lamp. Is your mind blown? Because there are pieces of mine everywhere, and my wife is NOT going to be happy when she gets home and I’m playing video games and still haven’t cleaned them up yet.

Available from online toy and collectible retailer Toynk, the desk lamp costs $60, which I actually found rather reasonable, considering a lot of these sorts of superhero collectibles require Bruce Wayne levels of money to purchase, and I’m operating on more of a Swamp Thing budget.

Spider-Man: there’s a little bit of him in all of us. And not just because we all descended from spiders, but we did and I’m writing the scientific paper to prove it. It’s called ‘We’re All Just a Bunch of Spider-People’, and it’s going to change the way humanity views our place in the world. Or get me locked up in the nut-house. Either way, I better get to make a cameo in the next Spider-Man movie.

[Toynk via Geeksaresexy]