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Finally, The Banana Cat Bed Your Cats Have Been Meowing for

 |  |  |  |  |  |  |  December 1, 2020

By hite

Cats: they’re particular. You buy them a fancy memory foam bed for $80 and they sleep in the sink. Enter the Banana Cat Bed, a plush, banana-shaped cat bed, complete with a peelable peel on top. I can close my eyes and already see my cat sleeping in the packaging it came in.

While available in a variety of sizes (18-inch small, $20; 22-inch medium, $25; 26-inch large, $30; and 36-inch extra-large, $41), it is not available in a variety of colors. It’s yellow or nothing.

What the – you’re not a cat! I suppose it also makes a decent dog bed, and not just for small dogs. I mean a 36-inch banana is a pretty big banana. Maybe not the biggest piece of produce I’ve ever seen, but I have been to some serious county fairs. But have I ever won a giant stuffed animal at the ring toss? Not even after throwing $350 of rings in a sitting.