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Victorinox Releases Limited Edition Damascus Steel Swiss Army Knife

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Written by Jonathan Berisford | July 29, 2021

Sure, you might be lost in the woods, but at least you have your everyday carry (EDC) Victorinox Swiss Army Knife. And not just any Swiss Army Knife, oh no, one of a 6,000-piece limited edition with a Damascus steel blade. You’re about to make those woods wish they’d never gotten you turned around in the first place!

The $400 Swiss Champ Damast Limited Edition 2021 features a “Bjorkmans Twist” patterned Damascus steel blade and exterior grip constructed of forged carbon scales. It includes 29 tools to ensure you stand the best chance of MacGyver-ing yourself out of whatever sticky situation you’ve gotten yourself into. Or, you know, opening the Amazon box that just arrived.

I want one. Granted I already have the exact same knife in classic red (sans the carbon exterior and Damascus steel blade), but can you really have too many Swiss Army knives? My heart is saying no but my wife is saying yes and taking my debit card out of my wallet and running upstairs to hide it.

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