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Terrifying ‘Realistic’ LEGO Minifig: Everything Is Not Awesome

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Written by Jonathan Berisford | June 16, 2022

Because a pleasant night’s sleep void of nightmares is overrated, model builder and YouTuber North of the Border went and crafted this ‘realistic’ LEGO minifig, complete with a terrifying face and unholy finger and toenails. I think it goes without saying, but my wife is going to be annoyed that I insist on sleeping with the lights on tonight.

Those eyes. That mouth. Those nails! Nothing about this is okay, and I really wish North of the Border would have reconsidered the project before going through with it, and that the website I saw it at reconsidered before posting it. Yet here we are. I don’t like it here.

Well, at least it doesn’t move. At least there’s that. And don’t let that give you any new project ideas! Good lord – could you imagine this little creeper crawling out of your toy chest and sprinting across the room to the foot of your bed right when you’re about to turn the lights off for the night? Sweet dreams!

[via Neatorama]