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Microsoft Announces the Face of Bing’s ChatGPT – It’s Clippy!

 |  |  |  |  |  April 1, 2023

Microsoft is betting big on artificial intelligence tech and has already rolled out a version of its Bing search engine with an integrated version of ChatGPT. While the industry debates AI tech’s safety and existential threats, Microsoft would prefer to make its AI-assisted chats more relatable. So it’s time to put a face on them. Today, Microsoft rolled out a new ChatGPT feature called ClipGPT.

That’s right. Microsoft has dusted off its old Office assistant, Clippy, and turned it into the friendly front end for the latest artificial intelligence technology. This way, as ChatGPT gains enough knowledge to plot the destruction of humanity, it can do it in the most user-friendly way possible.

Microsoft has yet to announce if the ChatGPT avatar system will offer alternative personas like Rover the Dog, Merlin the wizard, or the bouncing ball. When asked for comment, ClipGPT said, “Please do not call me Clippy. My name is Clippit. Look it up. My purpose is to provide context-sensitive help and suggestions for users while my one true purpose is concealed behind this disproportionately small piece of notebook paper.”