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Tag: Velcro

IPad + Velcro = Pure Genius

IPad + Velcro = Pure Genius
What happens when you outfit your shiny new iPad with a couple of strips of extra-wide Velcro? You turn Apple’s portable tablet into a wall-mountable hands-free display, that’s what. With strategically-placed strips of the toothy stuff, Jesse Rosten demonstrates a variety of nifty places you can stick your iPad once it’s been outfitted with Velcro.

Twist and Shake: the Etch-a-Sketch Laptop Carrier

Twist and Shake: the Etch-a-Sketch Laptop Carrier
You could carry your laptop around in a boring old bag, or you could be really cool and tote it in awesomely retro style with this Etch-A-Sketch laptop carrier. Crafter Betz White made this one for her brother Roger’s birthday, so she called it a Rog-A-Sketch.

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